About Adam

I’m Adam – a hopeless travel addict, journeying through my mid-twenties in search of adventure, discoveries and all the greatest experiences that this planet has to offer.

The travel bug has been embedded in my DNA since my South African mother and New Zealander father met in a pub in London in the early 80’s. Fast forward to ‘88. I spent the first year of my life in New Zealand before my brave (or crazy) parents bundled a screaming toddler around the world to South Africa, which would become home for the next 14 years. Two siblings and a rich, multicultural childhood later, we found the middle ground in 2003 and settled in Australia.

I finished high school and then completed a BA Communication Studies Degree at the University of Western Australia before another year and a half of Honours in Political Science and International Relations. I handed in my Honours thesis and hopped on a plane bound for Europe 3 days later.

Two and half years and 25-odd countries later, I graduated to the traveller’s rank of “flashpacker”. Throw in a passion for video and photography, an amateur rap career under the pseudonym Agenda MC and two seasons as a European Tour Guide and I figured that a blog was well overdue.

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