Tour Guide Chronicles

I’m not quite sure how it happened, but I’ve been working for Busabout as a Tour Guide in Europe since 2012.

The areas and tours that I have guided in over this time have been as diverse and varied as you could imagine, yet somehow they all share that underlying European vibrancy and optimism.

To get a more thorough understanding of what these tours involve, I suggest you look at Busabout’s website –

I’ve worked on the following itineraries:

Busabout’s Hop-on Hop-off Loops – 35 destinations throughout 10 countries in Western and Central Europe.
Croatia Sailing – cruising the sunny Adriatic coastline and island of this beautiful country.
Ottoman Trek – overland from Split to Istanbul, ticking off Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Turkey.
Balkan Trek – the return loop from Istanbul to Split along the Aegean Sea, taking in Turkey, Greece, Albania, Montenegro and Croatia.
Iberian Adventure – departing and returning to Madrid via the stunning Portuguese coastline and Andalucia’s charming countryside.
Rhapsody Trek – discovering modern life behind the Iron Curtain, starting in Prague and heading through the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Croatia.
Bohemian Trek – leaving Split and heading north through Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia before we get back into Prague in the Czech Republic.

European Festivals that I’ve worked at and been a part of include:

San Fermin (6th – 14th July annually)- Pamplona’s Running with the Bulls festivals is a non-stop fiesta like no other and is a must on anybody’s Bucket List. Adrenaline junkies and families alike get caught up in the entrancing atmosphere.
La Tomatina (last Wednesday of August annually) – The world’s biggest and messiest food fight takes place in the narrow streets of Bunol, a village just outside Valencia where the party rages all week. Hope you like tomatoes!
Oktoberfest (September – October annually) – The grandaddy of all beer related good times. Oompah bands, beer by the litre, tons of Bavarian tradition and you get to do it all in leather pants and lace dresses with thousands of others. Beer fanatics rejoice.
La Batalla del Vino (last weekend of June annually) – Wine from Spain’s La Rioja valley is good, right? Its so good in fact, that once a year in the hills above the town of Haro, you can use it as ammunition in a day-long war. Just make sure you catch some of the 50 000 litres thrown, in your mouth.

Too many fantastic things have happened over this time that it would be a crime NOT to share stories with you…


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