Where ever I travel, I make sure to have a camera on hand.
For me, there’s no excuse not to photograph the incredible sights that this world has to offer on a daily basis.
Be it with my simple point-n-shoot, Iphone, GoPro or Nikon DSLR, I can’t get enough of capturing the world as it unfolds around me.

Taking a photograph is like trying to hold on to a moment in time, a split-second action that records the present moment as it happens in front of you, never to be repeated again. Light, shadows, colour and location come together in a seemingly random flash to preserve a visual piece of memory that in today’s information age, can be accessed by almost anybody anywhere.

As with any creative expression, the impact of any piece of art lies in the production and interpretation of the medium in question. Its an infinite cycle of both of these actions that plays out every time a picture is viewed.

In a world where language, culture, politics and religion divide and confuse people, a single photograph can without words, teach, unite and communicate with all who look at it, thus cutting through the divisions and bringing us all closer together whether we realise it or not.

Enough philosophising already… The pictures can do the talking…


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